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Q: Which document preceded the current US Constitution in governing the first thirteen states?
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What document was written before the constitution that ruled the thirteen new states?

The document that was written before the Constitution was the Articles of Confederation.

The federalist proposal called for ratification of the constitution by what?

at least nine states out of the thirteen ratified the document.

What is the name for the first document that outlined the rules for the colonists after breaking away from Great Britain?

The Articles of Confederation served as America's first 'constitution.' The document was ratified by all thirteen states by 1781, but it was replaced in 1789.

How many votes were needed to pass the constitution?

There were thirteen colonies at the time. They wrote that Nine out of Thirteen had to agree to the constitution for it to go into effect.

Which important us document was written first the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution?

The Declaration Of Independence because at the time America was not a country it was thirteen colonies. US constitution was written in 1787, The DOI was written in 1776. HOPE THIS HELPS! :P

What document was written to unify the thirteen states?


How many states was needed to ratify the Constitution.?

The U.S. Constitution required the ratification of ten of the thirteen states to go into effect. Eventually all thirteen ratified it.

Why was the article of confederation important?

The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of The United States. This document is important because it made the union of the thirteen colonies legal and identified them as sovereign states.

When did the last of the thirteen states ratify the constitution?


How many of the thirteen state did sign the U.S constitution?

The Number of states that signed the Constitution was nine.

What did the thirteen amendment to the constitution accomplished?

it ended slavery in the US

Who wrote the model constitution?

William Penn, wrote the Pennsylvania constitution back when America was the thirteen colonies.