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I'm glad you used the more sensible phrase framers ( rather than the often ambiguous Founding Fathers which could apply to the Pilgrims, etc) well they were afraid that public opinion could get out control ( witness the French Revolution) there was also a feeling that genuine popular government was and is an impossibility. a certain utility argument towards a Big wheel ( the term Big Brother had not yet been coined) sort of wheelhouse presidency was certainly viable- Washington, one might add RAN UNOPPOSED, the only US president in history to do so. also the whole idea was new ( government by the people_ so it made sense to go at it slowly, not full blast. ) It might be worth mentioning in the period of roughly the roaring twenties- and not evidentally connected either for or against Communism- there were SOME political theorists who espoused, among other things- Government control of all transportation on main lines ( then, chiefly, Railroads) various protective legislation ( prohibition was one start, that fizzled out) and something of an Orwellian control system . One such writer was on Sidney Sheldon, who penned In His Steps Today- which was written in the twenties- I read a copy of this many years ago in the Hoboken Public Library and thought ( this guy thinks like a Nazi, though there were no racial elements) In power Sheldonism would be a sneeze away from Dictatorship, then again the idea that the citizen was something like a Hooky-Club juvenile miscreant- kids don't know what's good for them- the paternalistic brand of politics still with us. the possibility of a borderline dictatorial scheme was serious enough Herbert Hoover wrote a book about it also around l928 called The Challenge to Liberty, read it!

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The founders felt that the common man couldn't always be responsible enough to keep up with all the issues that faced the country and that we needed to mix a republican government with a democracy

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Because the people were "turbulent and ever-changing". Essentially, they did not think that people could be trusted to govern themselves.

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Q: What was the framers argument against creating a pure democracy?
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Charles beard argument against the Framers?

he claimed that the Framers were rich people who wrote the Constitution to benefit themselves

Why did the framers limit democracy?

They feared an overpowering democracy could be tyrannical.

What was NOT a reason why the Framers opposed direct democracy?

Framers opposed a direct democracy for many reasons. The most important reason is because they were afraid of the rule of a majority.

What are the political leaders of the US who helped in creating its system of government?

The framers

What concepts did US framers adapted from the Romans?

Government by the people. < ----correct novanet answer.

Did the framers favor the democracy or republic?

Pure democracy essentially means that majority opinion rules; the Framers feared that this would oppress the rights of minorities. So, they provided a framework for a republican form of government, consisting of elected representatives.

The Constitution and the principles of representative democracy helped dispel the framers' fear of a?

tyranny of the majority

Who Are the political leaders of the US who helped in creating its system of government.?

the framers

Charles Beard argued that the Framers of the Constitution were?

Charles Beard made the argument that the Framers of the Constitution were primarily concerned with protecting their economic interests. Beard was an American historian.

What is the name given to the form of representative democracy created by the framers of the US constitution?

The founding fathers

The Framers of the Constitution understood democracy and republic to mean different things Which concept did the Framers favored democracy or republic?

The Framers knew the direct and pure form of democracy and they feared that the emotional decisions taken by the populace; which is called unrestricted Majority Rule; may violate the individual rights. Therefore they chose the republic form of government in which the people choose individuals to represent them and transform their will into rational and reasonable decisions. after many amendment in the US constitution the government became a democratic republic.. or what we can call "representative or liberal democracy".A republic as opposed to a pure democracy

Did the framers of the Constitution created a system of a government based on the principles of direct democracy?

NO. The United States is a representative democracy and its Constitution gives no provisions for direct democracy.