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He threw off Mongol control of Russia.

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Q: What was the greatest accomplishment of Ivan the III?
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How was Ivan IV related to Ivan III?

Ivan IV, the Terrible, was the grandson of Ivan III, the Great.

What was Hades greatest accomplishment?

His greatest accomplishment was the capture of Persephone.

Was Ivan IV son of Ivan III?

No, his father was Vasili III

How do Ivan the IV and the III differ?

Ivan III is the son of Ivan the VI. ((go to for more information))

What was Rachel Carson's greatest accomplishment?

Her greatest accomplishment was her book silent spring.

What was hulegu and greatest military accomplishment?

The fall of Baghdad was Hulegu's greatest military accomplishment.

When was Ivan III of Russia born?

Ivan III of Russia was born on January 22, 1440.

When was Ivan III Drašković born?

Ivan III Drašković was born on 1603-03-13.

When did Ivan Asen III of Bulgaria die?

Ivan Asen III of Bulgaria died in 1303.

When was Ivan Asen III of Bulgaria born?

Ivan Asen III of Bulgaria was born in 1259.

When did Ivan III Drašković die?

Ivan III Drašković died on 1648-08-05.

What is Ivan III of Russia's birthday?

Ivan III of Russia was born on January 22, 1440.