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The Church had to much power.

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Q: What was the historical circumstances that surrounded the development of john Locke ideas?
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John Locke's philosophy emphasized the use of?

John Locke emphasized the use of revolution. He believed revolution was not only a right, but an obligation in some circumstances.

Who was in the development of Mohandas Gandhi's ideas on civil obedience?

John Locke

Which theory of the origin of state were Locke and Hobbes influential in the development of?


What was John Locke's view of human development?

Individuals are born as "blank slates" on which experience writes.

Why was John Locke's book banned?

John Locke's book "Two Treatises of Government" was not banned. It was a key work in the development of political philosophy and had significant influence on the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

What is the irony zinn tries to convey concerning john Locke?

probably historical irony but i know there is more to this question than just that.

What effect did the philosophy of john Locke have upon the formation of the principles of American government?

Locke's belief of the right to life, liberty, and property for every man greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson's development of the Bill of Rights.

What has the author Allan Locke written?

Allan Locke has written: 'A desk-top method for establishing environmental flows in Alberta rivers and streams' -- subject(s): Water, Streamflow, Management, Water resources development

What philosophers influenced the development of American democracy?

locke, hobbes, montesquieu, rousseau, plato, cleisthenes, aristotle-just to name a few

What historical events happened during John Locke's time of living?

one of the events were signing the constitution I do not have an account so call me ultimate wings

What has the author Trevor Locke written?

Trevor Locke has written: 'Policy development and its implications for practice' -- subject(s): Methodology, Policy sciences 'The involvement of the voluntary sector in intermediate treatment in Doncaster' 'Organised responses to urban drug problems'

What theory is john Locke responsible for child development?

John Locke believed that a childs mind was like a blank slate that could learn from experiences in the world around him or her, and should not be forced to change the way an adult wants the child to be like.