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To create a new government

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Q: What was the initial intention of calling Constitutional Convention?
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What was the purpose of the Grand Convention?

The purpose of the Grand Convention was to adress(solve) problems going on at that time.

What was the purpose of the first primary meeting of the constitutional convention?

The initial Constitutional Convention was convened to discuss the issues in governing the country. Prior to the convention, the United States had only been operating under the Articles of Confederation. While some attended with thoughts of simply revising the Articles, others knew that an entirely different and more complete document was required.

What is the Constitutional Convention of 1787 called?

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called in order to consider amendments to the Articles of Confederation, not to write another Constitution entirely. During deliberations over amendments to the Articles, it was realized that the Articles could not be patched up to make them workable. The framers began to think in terms of a completely different approach to a national government and created the Constitution. One irony is that some of the states never would have sent delegations to the Convention if they knew the Framers were going to create a whole new system instead of fixing the old one.State house, Philadelphia, PA. There is a copy of it at Knox Berry Farm in LA.

Which statement about national conventions is most accurate?

if initial convention voting doesn't show a majority, delegates can change their votes

What was the initial purpose of the constitution convention of 1787?

revise the Articles of Confederation

Is 7824056244 a valid UK mobile number?

Probably, but the initial '0' is missing. If you are calling the number from within the UK you need that '0', if you are calling from another country you don't.

Which action is the responsibility of the executive branch in creating a policy?

formulating the initial idea for the policy

What belief united the delegates to the constitutional conventionthat met independence hall?

The majority of the Founders were Federalists who believed in a strong national government. Many of these people also wanted a firm Bill of Rights that would outline all the rights of a United States citizen.

Who wrote the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution?

The Articles of Confederation were written by one representative from each colony. John Dickinson, the delegate from Delaware, was the principal writer. The Constitution was written as a group effort by the men who were present at the Constitutional Convention (55 delegates appointed by the states). The "Father of the Constitution" is known as James Madison, as he sketched the initial draft.

Three constitutional provisions that has helped to change your national government?

There are many things that have changed the national government. The initial setting up of the Constitution, not allowing segregation, and women's equal rights.

What is the difference between an initial appearance and a preliminary hearing?

An initial appearance is a pretrial stage in which a defendant is brought before a lower court to be given notice of the charge/charges and advised of his/her constitutional rights. A preliminary hearing is in a felony case a pretrial stage at which a judge determines whether there is probable cause.

Hamilton's first financial policies were intended?

The intention of Hamilton's initial financial policies was for the federal government to assume the debts the states owed, and fund the national debt. Alexander Hamilton severed as the 1st United States Secretary of the Treasury.