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churchill used it in his famous speech, but it was a german, groubles or something like that, who used it in a speech/letter first

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Q: What was the iron curtain and who first coined this term?
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British statesman who coined the term iron curtain?

Winston Churchill.

What does the democratic nations have to do with the iron curtain?

The Iron Curtain refers to the separation between the communist and the democratic nations during the Cold war in Europe. Today the term is now irrelevant. Winston Churchill coined the term "Iron Curtain."

Term coined by Winston Churchill for the Soviet advancements in Eastern Europe?

The 'Iron Curtain'.

A term coined by Winston churchill for the soviet advancements in eastern Europe?

iron curtain

When did the Soviet Union build the iron curtain?

The Iron Curtain is a term that was coined by Churchill during his speech on March 5, 1946. Its not actually a curtain, its made up of different countries between the Soviet Union and germany.

What term represents the symbolic border between Democracy and Communism?

William Churchill coined the term iron curtain as the symbolic border between Democratic Europe and Communism.

Was the iron curtain an actual iron curtain?

No. It was like invisible, there were only military forces. The term "iron curtain" was just a metaphor.

How did the Iron Curtain divide Europe?

Yes, the term "iron curtain" was coined during the cold war to describe the division between the Communist Soviet Union and the rest of Europe.

What was the term that described the dividing line between communist Eastern Europe and non COnmmunist Western Europe?

The Iron Curtain.

What term came about when communism countries prevented information from being released and people from escaping to freedom?

iron curtain

Iron Curtain is controlled by Nazis Germany or the Soviet Union?

The Iron Curtain was a term coined in the years after the war by Winston Churchill to describe the Soviet Union's control of the countries of Central Europe. "From Stetin on the Baltic, to Trieste on the Adriatic, an Iron Curtain has descended upon the Continent," Churchill spoke in a famous speech in Saint Louis, MO, after the war.

What term did Churchill coin regarding the domination of Eastern Europe?

Iron Curtain. An Iron Curtain has descended from.....