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I think it was the Declaration of Independence.

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Q: What was the list of 10 resolutions presented to King George III during revolutionary war?
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Who was the commander-in-chief during the revolutionary?

The commander-in-chief during the revolutionary war was George Washington.

Who was king during the Revolutionary War?

George III.

What month did George Washington go to the revolutionary war?

George Washington took command of troops during the Revolutionary War on July 3.

What did Patrick henery do during the Revolutionary War?

His role was very crucial to the revolutionary war, he was the one that got Virginia the largest colony at the time involved in the war with his resolutions and great skills as an orator.

Who was the American General during The Revolutionary War?

George Washington

Was there a president during the Revolutionary War?

yes, George washington was.

Who lead the patriots during the revolutionary war?

George Washington!

Was George Washington injured during the Revolutionary War?

no he wasn't

What did George Roger Clark do during the Revolutionary War?


What are some of the most important people during the revolutionary war?

King George and George Washington

Who was the king of british during the revolutionary war era?

King George the 3rd

Who was the king of Britain during the revolutionary war?

King George III