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sandy island

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he is the greatest president ever

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Q: What were George Washington's challenges during the revolutionary war?
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What was George washingtons job during revolutionary war?

He was a Commander( i think )

What was george washingtons military tiltle during the Revolutionary War?

fairly sure he was a general during the revolution

Who was George Washingtons commander during the revolutionary war?

George Washington was the general of the Continental Army, he was the highest rank. Therefore, he had no commander.

What is George Washingtons army tent?

George Washington Army Tent refers to the tent that campers put up when they go to the wild. This is in reference to the tent that George Washington did build during the American Revolutionary War.

What was George Washingtons tragic mistake in the civil war?

I would have to say it was being dead. George Washington was involved in the War for Independendence also known as the Revolutionary War, he was not alive during the Civil War.

What were George Washingtons skills during the revolution?

he was a general

What was George Washingtons military title during the revolutionary war?

Nominated by John Adams, George Washington was appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental Army on 14 June 1775 and given the rank of 'General.'

What was george washingtons home during the french and Indian war?


George Washingtons mom?

George Washington was the first president of USA and commander-in-chief of Continental Army during American Revolutionary war. His mother's name was Mary Ball Washington who was the second wife of his father Augustine Washington.

How does Samuel Adams participate during the Revolutionary War?

Samuel Adams was a second leutenant in George Washingtons army. He began brewing beer to rally his troops during the cold winter months and therefore Sam Adams beer was founded.

Who was the commander-in-chief during the revolutionary?

The commander-in-chief during the revolutionary war was George Washington.

Who was king during the Revolutionary War?

George III.