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because many colonist remained loyal to the British

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Q: What was the main reason that Americans waited for over a year after fighting broke out to declare their independence?
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What was the main reason that Americans waited for over a year after fighting broke out to declare the independence?

because many colonist remained loyal to the British

What was the reason for most Americans supporting Cubans?

It was a small country fighting for its independence similar to USA war of independence.

The main reason for the formation of the US was to?

declare our independence from Britain

What should you declare independence from?

Well in the past, countries, including the United States, have declared Independence from dominating countries who have not allowed for freedom. The United States declared Independence from Britain in order to follow its own ideas other then the thoughts of the King. That sounds like a pretty good reason to declare independence.

The Declaration of Independence declared Americans free from British rule what is a reason why the Americans declared independence?

The colonists were forced to pay many taxes without agreeing to them

Why did the Americans feel pushed towards independence?

The only reason that the americans pushed for independece was because the British was rulling the americans and we were getting tired of it so Thomas ~ain wrote Common Sense and it said that it was a broad support for independence

What is the strongest reason against independence of America?

It had no representaition of its concerns in Parilament, and it divided Americans to Lyaltists.

Key reason for the Declaration of Independence?

Well the main reason for writing the Declaration of Independence was to do exactly what it says, declare their independence from Great Britain. But there were many other reasons, among them being they were being wrongfully, extravagantly taxed for common goods without proper representation in the British Parliament. And because they had no representation in Parliament, they were powerless. That was one huge reason.

Can the President declare war on other nations?

NO no no no. we are all under one nation. That is unless that state is trying to violently break away or is also violently declaring its independence for no good reason.

Are the Native Americans still fighting the Americans?

some are, and for good reason we continue to disrespect them by calling them "Indianan, savages" and deface there land who are the invaders? this is there land not ours.

What did president Lincoln issue that changed the reason for fighting and freed the slaves in the confederacy?

Because the Declaration Of Independence states all men are equal.

What is the purpose of Jefferson's introduction to the Declaration of Independence?

The purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to explain why the colonies needed to separate from Britain. To declare Independence from England.