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it was to spy on afganistans

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Q: What was the mission of the spaceship Freedom 7?
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Was Apollo 7 the first spaceship to land on the moon successfully?

No, Apollo 7 was an 11-day Earth-orbital mission, the first manned launch of the Saturn IB launch vehicle, and the first three-person US space mission.

Was Apollo 7 the first spaceship to land on the moon?

No, Apollo 7 did not travel to the moon, its mission was only to test the validity of the spacecraft as it was the first manned launch of the Apollo hardware. Apollo 7 did not leave Earth orbit.

What was the main mission of spaceship prospector send to hit the moon?

To mine Helium

What did NASA want to find out for mercury 7 spaceship?

They wanted to find out how they could build the spaceship.

What do you call the captain of a spaceship in space?

The captain of a spaceship in space is often called the "commander." This individual is responsible for overseeing the operations of the spacecraft and ensuring the safety of the crew.

How do you get to the spaceship in poptropica?

To get to the spaceship in Poptropica, you need to complete the Lunar Colony Island quest. Start by talking to the astronaut near Mission Control and follow the mission to repair the shuttle, launch it, and eventually make your way to the spaceship.

What was the name of john glenn's spaceship?

friendship 7

When was the first american man in space?

Alan Shepard was the first American in space flying the Freedom 7 mission on May 5, 1961.

What spaceship did john glenn orbit the earth in?

John Glenn orbited the Earth in the Friendship 7 spacecraft on February 20, 1962, becoming the first American to orbit our planet.

What happened to the Apollo 12?

Apollo 12 was the sixth manned flight in the United States Apollo program. It was launched on November 14, 1969, and experienced two lightning strikes during ascent. Despite this, the mission continued and successfully landed on the Moon on November 19, 1969.

Mission 7 where is the rope?

You are not supposed to have a rope in mission 7

What year did Alan Shepard fly The Freedom 7 Capsule into space?

Mercury-Redstone 3, also known as Freedom 7, was launched by NASA on May 5, 1961. The mission lasted just 15 minutes 22 seconds, and Alan Shepard was the only person on the flight.