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The Civil War battle of Sharpsberg as America's most costly battle whit about 23,00 casualities.

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seminole war

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Q: What was the most costly battle the US fought to gain native American lands?
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The was the most costly battle the US fought to gain Native American lands.?

seminole war

Was Chickamauga a Native American word?

The term of Chickamauga is from the Native American Cherokee Tribe. It means "river of blood".This was the name of the creek where a major US Civil War battle was fought.

What are Similarities between James Madison and Andrew Johnson?

One is that they both fought a battle with Native American Indians in their presidencey. Johnson fought Red Cloud's War and Madison fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe. *note they themself didnt actually fight in the combat.

Where was the bloodiest battle of the Revolutionary War fought?

The Battle of Oriskany in upstate New York had the most casualties of any single battle, and was primarily fought between groups of colonists and Native American tribes, not the British Army. It occurred on August 6, 1777 and as many as 385 of the American militia were killed.

What was one effects of the battle fought on the western frontier during the American revolution?

Hostility between white settlers and Native Americans deepened.

What American group fought for the recognition of treaty rights?

Native American

What army won the US Civil War Battle of Devil's Backbone?

The Battle of Devil's Backbone was a Union victory. Fought on September 1, 1863, this battle was fought in Arkansas. There was heavy fighting, and Union forces under General Blunt won the day. The battle was to control the Native American territories nearby.

The result of the Battle of Tippecanoe was that the Native American movement .?

The result of the Battle of Tippecanoe was that the Native American movement lost some of its power.

Why was the metacom war fought?

Native American white settlers were taking over white settlers Native American land

What group fought for the recognition treaty rights?

Native American

A native american group that fought on the british side?


In North America how did native Americans participate in European colonial wars between Britain and France-?

In North America, different Native American groups fought alongside both Britain and France