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who established native american boarding schools?

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Q: Who established Native American boarding school?
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What is the first native American boarding school?

carlise boarding school

When was Native American Preparatory School created?

Native American Preparatory School was created in 1988.

Is International School of Paris boarding school or not?

No, International School of Paris is a day school for local families living close to the school. There is one American boarding school close to Paris, Notre-Dame International High School, but it's not the British curriculum, it's the American one.

What was the outing system?

The outing system was an educational practice that assigned Native American children from boarding school to work for white employers as servants and laborers at sub-standard wages.

Is Villa Maria a boarding school?

No it is not a boarding school!

Where was the boarding school that Sara Crewe attended?

The Boarding boarding school that Sara Crew attended was called Miss Minchin's boarding school, and it was in London.

What is a synanym for boarding school?

A synonym for "boarding school" is "academy".

Is girls' boarding school possessive?

Yes, the form girls' is the plural possessive form of the noun girl.The girls' boarding school is the boarding school of the girls or the boarding school for girls.

Where is the Charterhouse school located?

Charterhouse is a school located in Surrey England. It is an independent boarding school and celebrates over 400 years of history, as it was originally established in 1611.

Is abby mount school a school or a boarding school?

Abbey Mount is a fictional boarding school :)

What did Native American children do?

the native american children did not go to school ,they tought the dogs to hunt

Is boarding school a religious school?

Not all boarding schools are religious.

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