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Q: What was the most likely evolutionary precursor to humans?
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According to evolutionary theory what was the most likely evolutionary precursor to humans?


According to the evolutionary theory what was most likely evolutionary precursor?


If zoology has nothing to do with dentistry then why does the school you go to say you have take it and it is one of the most important classes for dentistry?

We learn zoology to learn similarities & differences between humans & animals. As a precursor to learning anatomy ,physiology of humans To learn the evolutionary changes

What evolutionary force is most likely to decrease variation between two populations?

evolutionary forces is most likely to decrease variation between populations

Do biological science have a contradict about humans evolving from monkeys?

Humans did not evolve from monkeys, and no evolutionary biologist has ever claimed that we did. Monkeys are related to humans, but not ancestral to humans. The species from which the human race most likely evolved would be some form of Australopithecus (which is now extinct).

Who was the messenger of a New Covenant and precursor of Jesus?

John the Baptist is most likely the answer you are looking for.

What term is most likely associated with clade?

Evolutionary grouping.

Are humans an example of evolutionary species?

Most likely, because history tells us of human-like creatures that, after millions of years, turned into what we are. Most animal species are probably evolutionary, mainly because they need to adapt to their different environments. An example of a different environment would be global warming. In the past this didn't exist, i think.

Evolutionary psychologists would be most likely to predict that?

children are more likely to be valued by their biological fathers than by their stepfathers.

Critics of evolutionary psychology are most likely to suggest that it underestimates the?

impact of genetic predispositions on human sexual behavior.

Would Sigmund Freud be MOST likely to endorse the tenets of evolutionary psychology?

Freud's psychoanalytic theory focuses on unconscious mental processes and intrapsychic conflicts, whereas evolutionary psychology examines how behaviors are shaped by natural selection. Given their differing approaches, Freud would be less likely to endorse the tenets of evolutionary psychology.

What are some animals that are dangerous on the beach?

Most likely humans.