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The election of George W. Bush and Al Gore was the lowest margin of victory.

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Q: What was the narrowest margin of victory in a presidential election?
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The 2000 presidential election finally ended with the exact vote count in which state?

The 2000 presidential election finally ended with the exact vote count in the state of Florida. The final margin of victory was extremely close, with George W. Bush winning the state by just 537 votes. This slim margin ultimately decided the outcome of the entire election.

How long is the narrowest margin of victory in the Indianapolis 500?

In 1992 Al Unser Jr beat Scott Goodyear by .043 second

What was true about presidents Kennedy victory in the 1969 presidential election?

He won by a small number of votes

What margin did Theodore Roosevelt win when he won the election?

Theodore Roosevelt beat Alton Parker by a margin of 196 votes, 41.2% of all votes cast, in the U.S. presidential election of 1904.

Who was the opponent of Andrew Jackson in the 1828 US presidential election?

In the 1828 US presidential election, Andrew Jackson's main opponent was the sitting President John Quincy Adams. He won by a wide margin.

Who was the president in 9172?

1972? Richard Nixon won the presidential election in 1972 with a 23.2 percentage point margin.

What was President Obama's margin of victory over John McCain in the popular vote in the November 2008 election?


What president won office by a margin of one electoral vote in the most disputed presidential election?

george w. bush

Jefferson defeated him in a landslide victory in the presidential election of 1804?

Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson overwhelmingly defeated Federalist Charles Pinckney in the Presidential election of 1804. Jefferson carried 15 states with 162 electoral votes compared Pinckney's 2 states and 14 electoral votes. The only states that Jefferson lost in were Delaware and Connecticut.

What was Calvin Coolidge margin of victory?

1924 U. S. Presidential / Vice Presidential Election Results:382 votes (71.9%) - Calvin Coolidge / Charles G. Dawes136 votes (25.6%) - John W. Davis / Charles W. Bryan13 votes (2.4%) - Robert M. LaFollette / Burton K. Wheeler

What is the average margin of victory for all Super Bowls?

Through Super Bowl XLII, the average margin of victory is 15 points. Margin of victory 1-7 points: 13 games Margin of victory 8-14 points: 9 games Margin of victory 15-21 points: 10 games Margin of victory 22-28 points: 4 games Margin of victory over 28 points: 6 games Smallest margin of victory: 1 point in Super Bowl XXV - New York Giants 20, Buffalo Bills 19 Largest margin of victory - 45 points in Super Bowl XXIV - San Francisco 49ers 55, Denver Broncos 10

What were the results of the election?

If you are asking about the presidential election, Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, defeating John McCain by a wide margin. Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012, defeating his challenger, Mitt Romney.