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Q: What was the occupation of William grandfather on his mother side?
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What word deciphers grandfather on mother's side to grandfather on father's side?

The word for deciphering "grandfather on mother's side" to "grandfather on father's side" is "paternal grandfather."

Who was the great grandfather of Hercules?

On his father's side, Uranus On his mother's side, Perseus

Where was Barack Obama's grandfather born?

President Obama has two grandfathers, one on his father's side (whom he did not know) and one on his mother's side (who helped to raise him). His paternal grandfather was born in Africa, in Kenya. His maternal grandfather was born in the United States, in Kansas.

Who is Zeus' grandfather on his mothers side?

Ouranos, for the mother of Zeus is Rhea.

What is the difference between jedu and jido the lebanese words for grandfather?

"Jedu" is the maternal grandfather in Lebanese Arabic, while "jido" is the paternal grandfather. The distinction is based on whether the grandfather is from the mother's side or the father's side of the family.

Who are Sandstorm's grandparents?

On her mother (Brindleface)'s side, her grandmother is Robinwing and her grandfather is Fuzzypelt. On her father (Redtail)'s side, her grandmother is Swiftbreeze and her grandfather is Adderfang.

What is a maternal grandfather?

Your mother's father is your maternal grandfather.

Who were the goddess Artemis' grandparents?

Her grandfather on her mother's side is Coeus. Her grandmother on her mother's side is Phoebe. Her grandfather on her father's side is Cronos. Her grandmother on her father's side is Rhea.

What is grandfather in Chinese?

In Chinese, grandfather is 爷爷 (yéye) for paternal grandfather and 外公 (wàigōng) for maternal grandfather.

What nationality is Lambert?

He's American. His mother is Jewish and his grandfather on his dad's side is from Norway.

What is the relationship between you and a person called your grandpa?

A grandfather / grandpa / grandpap is the father of either your mother, or your father. If it is your father's dad, that man is your Paternal grandfather. If it is your mother's dad, he is your Maternal grandfather. So you have 2 sets of grandparents, one set on your dad's side of the family, and one set on your mother's side of the family.

Who is the grandfather of tally?

The grandfather of David Tally is Dickie Williams on his mother's side. His grandmother was named Opal Tally on his father's side. David Tally passed away in April of 2013.