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Jamil was son in law of lord mahavira.

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Q: What was the relationship between swami Mahavir and Jamil?
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Who was the wife of mahavir swami?


Who was 24th jain trithankara?

Lord mahavir swami

Is mahavir swami married or not if yes then the name of the wife?

Mahavir Swami, also known as Lord Mahavir was an ancient spiritual leader and the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. He was not married as Jain monks practice celibacy.

Which book book written by Mahavir Swami?

If I say 2 books or 5 books or 10 books, then how will you believe me? As Mahavira swami is not alive today, so you can't varify my answer. Main thing is that we should try to follow the ideals of mahavira swami instead of thinking mahavira swami. My answer may seem you strange, but usually I do so. with My Regards

What is the belife of janism?

jainism is one of the moat purest religion it main belief is in non violence one of the tirththankara mahavir swami has said "jeo or jene do " . it belief in simplicity and pureness of life

What is summary of swami's grandmother from swami and friends?

What is the summary of swami grandmother in swami and friend

How old Swami Dayanand was when he met Swami Virjanand?

Swami Dayanand was 36 years old when he met Swami Virjanand.

When did Niralamba Swami die?

Niralamba Swami died on 1930-09-05.

When did Visnujana Swami die?

Visnujana Swami died in 1976.

What type of was character swaminathan's grandmother in swami and friends?

swami ' s mother was very loving .swami addresses her mother as chamyshe pampers swami

What is the distance between kolhapur and swami samarth akkalkot?

228 KM (142 Miles)

Who is known as Beypur swami in Kerala?

Sindhu swami