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A list of some of nine of the most famous Indian women lawyer's.Angelique Townsend EagleWomanCynthia GomezHeather Kendall-MillerStacy LeedsArlinda LocklearAngela RileyChristine WilliamsFawn Sharp

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To Begin with a) M/S Indira Gandhi b) M/s Sonia Gandhi c) M/s Pratibha Patil Sekhawat d) M/s Sushma Swaraj e) M/s Mayawati f) Dr. J. Jayalaliltha g) M/s Vasundhra Raje i) M/s Uma Bharti j) M/s Renuka Chowdhry k) Dr. Girija Vyas l) M/s Kamla Beniwal m) M/s Jayanti Natrajan n) M/s Ambika Soni o) M/s Hema Malini p) M/s Aruna Swami

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native Indian: Wilma mankiller, Sarah winnemucca, kayln freer, lamedeer, robin maxkii, nas'naga

India Indian: corenial sorabai, aishyrai rai, deepika,

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Q: Who are the women members famous in Indian politics?
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