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REPARTIMIENTO- is the apportioning of Indians among the settlers for labor

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Q: What was the repartimiento system?
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What is repartimiento?

Repartimiento was a system used during the Spanish colonization of the Americas where indigenous people were required to work for Spanish settlers for a period of time. It was a form of forced labor that was often exploitative and abusive, leading to harsh conditions and mistreatment of indigenous populations.

What system allowed authorities to draft natives to work in silver mines?

The Spanish colonial authorities implemented the "repartimiento" system, which allowed them to draft native peoples to work in the silver mines. This system required indigenous communities to provide a certain number of workers to fulfill labor obligations for the colonial government or Spanish settlers. The repartimiento system was a form of forced labor that exploited indigenous populations in the Americas to extract wealth for the benefit of the Spanish Crown.

When the was abandoned because of a declining Indian population a system of was formed?

When the Encomienda system was abandoned due to a declining Indian population, the Repartimiento system was formed in Spanish colonies. Under the Repartimiento system, indigenous people were required to perform labor for a set period of time each year, but they were supposed to be paid and protected by law. However, in practice, it often led to exploitation and abuse of indigenous workers.

What has the author Julio Gonzalez written?

Julio Gonzalez has written: 'Repartimiento de Sevilla.' 'Julio Gonzalez 1876-1942' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'Repartimento de Sevilla' 'Jazz Grafico'

What was the main reason the spanish Crown established the encomienda system?

It gave them control for longer time than if they didn't abolish it. The encomienda system was succeeded by the crown-managed repartimiento (corvée labor) and the hacienda, or large landed estates, in which laborers were directly employed by the hacienda owners.

What statements best describes the agricultural system which existed in colonial Latin America?

The agricultural system in colonial Latin America was characterized by large plantations worked by indigenous and African slaves under the encomienda and repartimiento systems. The crops grown were mostly cash crops like sugar, tobacco, and cacao for export to Europe. Land ownership was concentrated in the hands of a small number of wealthy Spanish landowners.

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