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Q: What was the rule by a small group not an aristocracy?
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What is the term for a government ruled by a small group of noblelandowning families?

Modern depictions of aristocracy tend to regard it not as a legitimate aristocracy (rule by the best), but rather as a plutocracy (rule by the rich).

What does aristocracy mean and what type dictatorship is it?

Aristocracy is a small group of people who are perceived as superior to the common citizenry by virtue of wealth or nobility or rule of the best. The word "aristocracy" is derived from the Greek root aristos, meaning best, noblest, or most virtuous.

What characteristics have to be present for a government to be an oligarchy?

rule by a small group of people

Which of the following describes a government in which only a small group of wealthy people have power?

Some names for the form of government ruled by the rich or powerful might include, a plutocracy (rule by the wealthy), an oligarchy (rule by the wealthy, connected, educated, royalty), or maybe an aristocracy (rule by a small class of privileged).

When a country is ruled by a small wealthy group that country is using an as its form of government?


What is the term for A small group of aristocratic type men in leadership?

An aristocracy is the term you seek.

What are some Major Characteristics of Aristocracy?

As rule of "the best", aristocratic government and society is characterized mainly by a small group of leaders distinguished by wealth, influence, class, tradition, or some other status. Also characteristic of aristocracy is that leadership roles are not determined by general-population voting but by decision or process within the governing group alone.

What is a government controlled by a group of aristrocats called?

A government controlled by a small privileged and powerful group is called an oligarchy.When that group consists of aristocrats, it is called an aristocracy.

What government means rule by the best?


What does Oligarcly mean?

Rule by the rich aristocracy.

What is rule by a small group of educated people?


What is the difference between a dictatiorship and democracy?

A "Dictatorship" is power derived through a single source, normally a single person or very small group of people; a dictatorship is a subset government under the Aristocracy definition: unquestionable rule by some right or power. A "Democracy" is rule by mass will of the people, it is sometimes termed as Mobocracy (the will of the majority sets the rule of law).