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3 arsenal-Manchester United 2

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Q: What was the score in the FA cup in 1979?
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Who is the Only player to score in two fa cup finals between 1970 and 1979?


Was the winner of the FA Cup in 1979?

The Arsenal FC was the winner of the FA Cup in 1979.

What was the final score in FA cup final in 1979?

Arsenal beat Man United 3-2.

What team won the fa cup in 1979?

The team that won the FA Cup in the year 1979 was Arsenal FC.

What werer fa cup winners in1979?

The English FA cup winners of the year 1979 were Arsenal.

What year did jimmy never play in the fa cup and what team did he play for and did he score?

57 score

Who was the Last englishman to score winner in fa cup final?


Who is the only player to score in the champions league uefa cup fa cup league cup finals?

Steven Gerrard. Champions League - 2005, UEFA Cup - 2001, FA Cup - 2006 and League Cup - 2003.

What was the score in the 2009 FA cup final?

Chelsea 2- Everton 1.

Who won the soccer cup final at Wembley in 1979?

Arsenal won the 1979 FA Cup Final. The beat Manchester United 3 - 2.

Which teams did david o'leary play for in FA cup finals?

David Oleary played for Arsenal in Four FA Cup Finals 1978 - 1979 - 1980 and 1993

Did a player called never score a goal in the fa cup final?

yes for everton