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Life was full of risks on pilgrimages. You could become ill, you could be robbed or mugged, and you could get seriously hurt. You could maybe even die on your way. It was also very tiring. Rather than driving for hours, on a pilgrimage, you would be walking for days!

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Q: What was the usually like for the people on a pilgrimage?
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Why did the friar go on pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a religious journey, and people would often times, and they still do, go on a pilgrimage to hopefully become more religious, to connect with their god(s). Or they might do it to prove their loyalty to their religion.

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What were the most popular pilgrimage destinations and why?

Muhammad taught that there was only one God, Allah. The belief in one God was a new idea for many Arabs. Before this time, Arabs prayed to many gods at shrines. The most important shrine was in Mecca. Many people traveled to Mecca every year on a pilgrimage. Muhammad also taught that the rich should give money to the poor. But rich merchants in Mecca rejected this idea.Christianity also has pilgrimage locations, such as Santiago de Compostela, in western Spain. Pilgrims from all over Europe and the world have travelled there since the early medieval era. It is the second most popular pilgrimage location next to Mecca. Jerusalem also serves as a popular pilgrimage location for multiple religions.

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What was life usually like for the people on a pilgrimage?


What was life usually like for people on a pilgrimage in middle ages?

Life on a pilgrimage was bad it was long difficult journey's, which were physically dangerous. You could easily injure yourself.

What was life usually like on a pilgrimage?

it was hot ynow? and sweaty

What shape is pilgrimage church?

A pilgrimage church is typically shaped like a cross, but the shapes can vary. Pilgrimage churches are frequently located by the graves of saints and are usually built where a miracle had taken place.

What was life usualy like for the people on a pilgrimage?

HORRIBLE you got that right peeps

What was life like for people on a pilgrimage?

really bad so bad most people died or suffocated

What were the main events of the Pilgrimage of Grace?

There were people who did not like the king so they revolted and the fish. <><

Why people go to pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage was very important because it showed the continuing faith of the Europeans. Places of high value such as the pilgrimage sites where holy items claimed to be located were a way of contact with society. For example people would use these sites to solve their problems, usually health related. nd polam people get ur own answers

What were some of the different kind of pilgrimages people undertook?

Spiritual pilgrimage involves visiting sites with strong spiritual history like mecca, Isreal. People also embark on health pilgrimage for health reasons.

Why Pilgrims might do when on pilgrimage in Christianity?

"pilgrimage" is when people go to a geographical place , that is deemed holy . "Christianity" is a religious ideology , like "Communisim" is a political ideology.......rephrase your question.

Why do people make pilgramages to mecca?

people pilgrimage to mecca to pray. That is one reason, but they also go there because that is where their Prophet (Muhammad) was born. This pilgrimage is like a coming of age type of thing. You are supposed to travel, or make the pilgrimage to, Mecca at least once in your life, to pray to Allah. It is the Muslims holiest city.

What is the meaning of pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is generally a long, arduous journey to a holy or sacred place. It usually has a special meaning or moral significance.