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Women in the neolithic era (the new stone age) often worked on farms with help from their children. Many clay and stone figurines of neolithic women have been preserved, with exaggerated reproductive organs, suggesting women may have been idolized for their fertility.

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Q: What was the women role in the Neolithic era?
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What happened in the neolithic era?

The neolithic era was famous for the beginning of human technology. The neolithic era is known as the end of the stone age. You can get more information about the neolithic era online at the Wikipedia.

What is a sentence for Neolithic era?

That sort of thinking is straight from the Neolithic era.

Did the ice age occur before the Paleolithic era or the Neolithic era?

paleolithic era, Neolithic era , mesolithic era

What was the role of women in the Reform Era?


In the Neolithic revolution the role of women and men became more what?

In the Neolithic revolution, the role of men became more focused on agriculture and animal husbandry, while the role of women shifted towards tasks related to child-rearing and food preparation. This division of labor led to more structured societies and the development of permanent settlements.

What era did hunter-gathers live in?

neolithic era

When did the Neolithic era era begin?

9500 BC.

Where of these statements represents an opinion rather than a fact that could be used to support an essay about the Neolithic Revolution?

"Women played a critical role in the development of agriculture during the Neolithic Revolution." This statement represents an opinion because the specific role of women in the Neolithic Revolution is subject to interpretation and not a universally accepted fact. It could be used to support an essay by presenting a particular perspective or argument about the significance of women in this historical period.

What is another name for the Neolithic era?

The Neolithic era is also known as the New Stone Age.

When did the Neolithic era start?

about 9500bc

What are the similarities between Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Era?

Both the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras were periods of prehistoric human history. They both saw the use of stone tools, but the Neolithic Era introduced agriculture and the domestication of animals. Both eras also involved nomadic lifestyles, but the Neolithic Era saw the development of settled communities.

What era is the era of recent life?

neolithic is new paleolithic is old