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People would go to higher ground. In fact, they were still nomadic and on the move anyway.

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Q: When rivers overflowed their banks what would have happened in the Neolithic Era?
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What would have happened in the Neolithic Era if rivers overflowed their banks?

It would have flooded just like today. The people learned to deal with it.

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The expression burst their banks means that they overflowed their banks.

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I'm pretty sure it has not happened since the Aswan Dam was completed around 1970.

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children raced to safety, and birds flew away as the river flooded the banks.

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no, its the flood plain

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How did the ancient Eygptians use geometry?

Geometry was used in ancient Egypt to build the great pyramids and to find boundary lines on land flooded when the Nile River periodically overflowed its banks.