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trust a prsn who dnt dzrv

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Q: What was your worst mistake?
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How can you deal with a mistake?

Its very hard to deal with a mistake .. trust me . it depends on how bad the mistake is . the worst the mistake is the harder it is to fix .

What is the worst mistake in the history of the human race according to Jared Diamond?

According to Jared Diamond, the worst mistake in human history was the switch to farming.

What is the worst mistake you have made in your working life?

Not reporting something that happened 2 me to my supervisor

What does a person see while commiting suicide?

that will be deathAnswer:He/she sees that they have made the worst possible mistake.

Does Miley Take Heroine?

She has before but now on live television says it was the worst mistake of her life.

What are the characteristics of polythene?

i think this is the worst site ever ... pleeez do not open this site .... not even by mistake

How do you say the worst mistake of the year in French?

La pire erreur de l'année.

What are the worst characteristics for a manager?

Does not admit their own mistake due to their bad desicion and put the blame on the team member

What would you not do if you witnessed or were aware of an accident occurring or a mistake being made?

The worst thing you can do if you witness any accident is to leave the scene, unless you must do so to get help. If you see a mistake being made, you might want to inform that person that they are making a mistake and what the consequences might be.

What are refugee camps like?

It is a very terrible place to be. Never become a refugee because it will be the worst mistake of your life! its dirty and over crowded

When your ex dates a girl that lives across the street from you?

then hes a low life with nothing better to do and if ha left youthen he made the worst mistake of his life

When was Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake created?

Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake was created in 2006.