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The only way Liberalism influences economics is telling people they can collect checks from taxpayers money by sitting on their asses. Which drives economics through the ground. Being liberal makes conservatives look a hell of a lot smarter which is great for politics. sorry if you are in fact a liberal but.... why? You have the power to change your ways. You can do it.Now go pass third grade finally and get rich, vote republican.

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Ignore this guy he knows nothing, I think he should go back to third grade, because this idiot seems have got mixed up with Socialism. Liberalism believes in the free market, less control = small government whereas Socialism believes in Big Government and controlled economy, i.e state ownership. What this guy above has done is confused his personal beliefs, with the American belief of what Liberalism is, and what he/she has done, with most of America, is deciding to believe what they want about political Ideologies, they like to shout about things they know nothing about, because they can, they follow the bandwagon,which is why Americans are must susceptable to extremists. How does Liberalism stop you getting rich anyway? Taxing the rich just makes them a little bit less rich, but they are already rich to start with, so its hardly a sad scenario is it? If for what ever reason they become poor, its nothing to do with taxes, its their own bad decisions. The American dream what a load of tosh.

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Q: What ways has liberalism influenced economics and politics in the world today?
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Differences between classical and modern liberalism?

Classical Liberalism supports:- laissez-faire liberalism- limited government involvement- free market-capitalist society- individual property rights-individualismModern Liberalism supports:- government involvement-crade to grave welfare-free tradeBoth support freedom. Classical liberals believe that leaving everyone alone achieves the most freedom. Modern liberals believe that unless the state provides welfare, the poor are not free.

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Major Political Parties in the USA. (Source: Wikipedia) Party Name Date Founded Founder(s) Associated Ideologies   Democratic Party 1792 / 1820s Thomas Jefferson / Andrew Jackson American Liberalism, American Progressivism, Social Liberalism   Republican Party 1854 Alvan E. Bovay Conservatism, Economic Liberalism, Neoconservatism, Social Conservatism   Libertarian Party 1971 David Nolan Libertarianism, Economic libertarianism, Classical Liberalism   Green Party 1984 Howie Hawkins John Rensenbrink Green Politics, American Liberalism, American Progressivism   Constitution Party 1992 Howard Phillips Paleoconservatism, Nationalism

How influential are hobbes an lockes theories in American thought today?

Hobbes' and Locke's theories have little influence in American thought today. Hobbes' Leviathan has been used as a bible by the dictatorships of Africa. Locke had great influence during the time of the American Revolution. His writing influenced the Declaration of Independence. Today, all politics are local. Politics has been reduced to a combination of, "What have you done for me lately?" "I want mine now." And mantras. Too much American thought today consists of politically correct thinking and wants little to do with the writings of dead white men. Maybe some day America will return to such interest.

What are the two major political parties in the united states today?

democratic, and republican

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