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the Winchester multi shot rifle

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big guns that shoot bullets

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Q: What weapons were used in the old west?
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Why did gunfighters in the Old West wear gloves?

gripping the guns/weapons

What tools did fur traders use?

they used maps and old weapons

What old weapons were used in World War 1?

War Clubs, swords, cavalry

Why did a little conflict in the Balkans to explode into a world war?

This is the policy of the country (word).Old weapons should be used because the destruction of such weapons is costly.

How do you get gold weapons on the west?

Gold weapons do not exist unless they are ordered custom made

What weapons did they have back n wstern time?

Old rusty Pistols were used in the western times.

What weapons were used in the fall of singapore?

no weapons were used

What caliber was most used in the old west?


What are some of the weapons used in Hapkido martial arts?

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that, depending on the style, focuses on striking, holds and throws, joint locks and/or use of weapons. These are traditional weapons such as the staff, sword, cane, and nunchaku commonly referred to the the West as nunchucks.

What kind of weapons do the west Africans use?


What tech was used in the old west 1860-1890's?


Who used roman weapons?

Roman weapons were used by the Roman army.