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they used iron

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Q: What were the weapons and equipment used by the assyrian empire?
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What were the weapons of the Assyrian army made from?

The Assyrians used iron-forged weapons.

What modern country used to be the main part of the assyrian empire?


Babylonian Empire in 1754 BC?

Babylonian-Assyrian cuneiform was used in writings.

Which empire in the fertile crescent used local leaders to rule the empire?

First the Assyrian, then copied by the Babylonian, then the Persian.

What weapons and equipment were used in world war 1?

the weapons used are the following:arisaka and Thompson trench gun

What was the First Fertile Crescent civilization to use cavalry?

Assyrian Empire of the Fertile Crescent civilization was the first to use a cavalry. The Assyrian army used cavalry and infantry units to conquer many enemies. The Assyrian Empire lasted nearly 1900 years from 2000 B.C. to 605 B.C.

What made the Assyrian Army so Strong?

the assyrian army was well organized and at its core were groups of foot soldiers armed with spears and daggers. Others were using bows and arrows. Also chariot riders. They did this to protec their land.

What art forms from other civilizations were copied and used by the rulers of the Persian Empire?

Assyrian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Lydian, Phoenician, Greek.

What was used to streamline the purchase of weapons and equipment for the war?

C. The War Industries Board

What is metal use for?

Metal is used for almost everything from cooking, transportation, medical equipment, weapons, parts of hardwares, structures in houses/buildings, industrial equipment, and more.

What material that assyrian used to built a buildings?

It was Iron. they were the first army to, on a large scale, supply their army with iron weapons. they also used the iron to make chariots.

When were the assyrian caravans?

assyrian caravans were in 1600 B.C. and they were used by Assyrians