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Well there are many parts to the First Amendment, so I will just cover all of them!

freedom of speech:

advantage - you can express yourself and let others know what you think

disadvantage - people can get into arguments over things said or expressed

freedom of religion:

advantage - you can practice any religion you choose and not have to worry about the government not allowing it

disadvantage - there are freaks and weirdos out there who think cutting people up and eating them is a religion

freedom of assembly:

advantage - you are free to have an assembly for whatever you want as long as it doesn't turn violent

disadvantage - hate groups still have the right to burn crosses publicly and the government can't do anything about it

freedom of petition:

advantage - you can always right to the government without worrying about them suing

disadvantage - I honestly can't think of any disadvantages to this one!

freedom of the press:

advantage - you can publish anything you want as long as what you publish is not slander

disadvantage - people can say whatever they want about you, even if you don't want them to

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Ah, such an interesting question indeed! For any individual who wants to be free, there are no disadvantages what so ever. For individuals who don't want their neighbors or people outside of their circle of friends and family to be free, then the Bill of Rights can be a huge disadvantage. The Bill of Rights has, since the inception of the federal government been quite a disadvantage for ambitious politicians who strive towards progressive policies that in the end are unconstitutional because of the Bill of Rights. If one aspires towards tyranny then the Bill of Rights is a huge disadvantage but it should be clear with the thousands upon thousands of so called laws on the books that it is not impossible to achieve a goal of tyranny. The Bill of Rights, after all, is only a document. The effect of that document lies in an individuals efforts to make it work for them.

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The limitations are cannot provoke a riot, cannot speak in a way that leads to criminal activity or overthrow the government

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Q: What were some disadvantages of the first amendment?
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