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The Civil Disobedience Movement seeks to dismantle unfair laws by applying a consistent stream of non violent actions such as protests. Chief aims of the civil disobedience movement are to undermine the authority of the administration and unite the oppressed group and its sympathizers.

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The aim or goal of any civil disobedience demonstration or "sit in" is to make the public aware of a law or regulation the group wants the government to pass or to make a public demonstration about a policy that the group objects to. The strategy is simple and relatively safe.

Here's an example of this:

A. A group of people that might be termed a "public interest " group is against the policy of Walmart of not having a workers union;

B. They illegally sit in front of the Wal Mart's doorways and refuse to move;

C. The group is trespassing by refusing to move;

D. The police are called and the group is arrested for trespassing;

E. The police order them to enter a waiting police truck to take them to jail;

F. The people in the group refuse to move and they force the police to carry them into the police van;

The local press or TV station is made aware of the protest and reporters are sent to the scene and the protest and arrest is televised;

The group is charges & because the crime is a misdemeanor, bail is set and the group goes free.

Now the purpose has been "done". The people reading the news or watching the TV news becomes aware of the no union policy.

By doing this they hope to bring bad publicity to Wal Mart.

Without this physical demonstration & arrest they would not bring much attention to their cause.

Their court appearance is a minor event and most times the arrested people are fined a few dollars.

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Q: What were the aims of civil disobedience movement?
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