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You need to answer this question because we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. Not ours. We don’t have your list.

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Q: What were the direct causes of the American Revolution Check all that apply?
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What are some things the average American doesn't know?

Check out the un-answered questions section of, there are a lot of questions the average american does not know. (which is why they ask)

How successful was the new Republic in implementing the goals of the Revolution?

They were very successful. They wanted the country to have an in-depth constitution and also a way for all the governing powers to keep each other in check.

Leader of the lane rebels who wrote the powerful anti-slavery work American slavery as it is?

Check this out! History Man

What happened during the battle of Yorktown?

Battle of Yorktown was a pivotal battle in the American Revolution from 28th September to 19th October 1781. During the fall of 1781, Washington laid siege to Yorktown, which the British forces, under Lord Cornwallis had seized. The combatants were the Americans under General George Washington, the French under Lieutenant General de Rochambeau and the British under Major General Lord Cornwallis The troop numbers were 8,800 Americans, 7,800 French and 6,000 British, with 500 British, 80 American and 200 French killed or wounded. In October 19, 1781 the British commander, Lord Cornwallis surrendered the British garrison in Yorktown, Virginia after a siege. His surrender pretty much ended the war. For details on the battle check out the website The American Revolution. They have an extensive writeup of the battle and aftermath === ===

How did the battle of Lexington and concord end?

It end with the Americans following the British back to their homeland and harming 250 British men. Lexington and Concord are considered the first battles of the Revolution. FOr more information, go check out "Dezirocks1998" on YOUTUBE.!

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What are some effects of the American Revolution?

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What famous person died in the American Revolution?

A famous person that died in the American revolution is Crisspus Attix.(Idon't think that's how to spell his name you should check something else to find the correct spelling of his name.) He was a freed black slave. He died in the Boston Massacre.the first shot in the American revolution was calkled the shot heard round the world.

How did Poland help the American Revolution?

Haym Salomon, check out for more info

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