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the Virginia plan gave to much power to the larger states.

The Virginia plan was bicameral while the New Jersey plan was Unicameral

for the V plan legislature could override and in the NJ plan Government can compel obedience to national laws. Then we had the great compromise.

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Q: What were the problems of the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plans?
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What were the initial plans for the Virginia Plan?

the new jersey plan

How are the New Jersey plan and Virginia plans different?


A supreme court appointed by the executive branch was a feature of which plan for the federal government presented at the constitutional convention?

The New Jersey plan (APEX)

What two plans of government did delegates consider?

the new jersey plan and the virginia plan

Who authored the Virginia and New Jersey plans?

William Patterson introduced the resolution. It is not clear if he wrote it on his own.

What two proposed plans for the constitution agreed on?

Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan

What are the three plans presented in the constitutional convention of 1787?

The New Jersey Plan, The Virginia Plan, and the Great Compromise! :)

What did the Virginia and new Jersey plan include?

Both the Virginia and New Jersey Plans included a legislative branch, but differed in the way the legislative branch was defined. The Virginia Plan proposed a legislative branch consisting of two chambers, while the New Jersey Plan proposed a unicameral legislature.

Explain how the farmers of the virginia plan and the new jersey plan proposed to decide on the number of representives in congress?

they were both not plans

What plan did we go with the Virginia or New Jersey?

james madison for the virginia plan and william patterson for the new jersey plan

Why was the great compromise the price of the union?

because it sacraficed both the New Jersey plan and the Virginia plan, basically it combined the two plans.

Who was William Patterson and what did he propose?

William Patterson was the man who proposed the New Jersey plan in 1787. The New Jersey Plan and the Virginia plans clashed and were in great controversy. These plans were proposed because the delegates that met in 1787 wanted to work out a new plan of government.