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The ranks were (not in thisorder) seargeant, private, captain, colonel, lieutenant, general, coronet, ensign, and subaltern. Coronet, ensign, and subaltern are not used in today's military.

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Q: What were the ranks for enlisted men in revolutionary war?
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How did women act during the revolutionary war?

no women didn't fight in the revolutionary war. Correction: women did fight in the revolutionary war just not as women, a few women dressed as men and enlisted or took the place of their husbands after they died.

Who enlisted as Robert Shurtleff?

It was Deborah Sampson who enlisted in the Continental Army as Robert Shurtliff. She did this in order to be able to fight in the American Revolutionary War.

How many men did the British lose in the revolutionary war?

The British lost around 24,000 men during the revolutionary War

What is a sentence for the word enlisted?

You have enlisted my help in creating a sentence using the word enlisted. When the US entered World War II, many young men enlisted in the armed forces.

Did women dress up as men during the revolutionary war?

yes many women dressed up as men inthe revolutionary war

What disease did the men in the Revolutionary War get?


What is another word for drafting men to a war?

enrolled, recruited, enlisted, conscripted

Which of the following was an American weakness during the Revolutionary War?

America had a poorly trained, small army and the british had the best militia in the world

Did they have male nurses in the Korean War?

No they did not, it was not until after the Korean War the men could be enlisted/drafted as nurse. Oddly enough the American Army drafted male Registered Nurse but gave them enlisted positions as corps men.

How many men who enlisted in Civil War forces in 1861 lived through to see the end of the war?

3.4 millon union soldiers enlisted. 2.6 million confederate= about 6 milllion soldiers 650,000 men dead.=about 5,350,0000 men left

What state lost the most men in the Revolutionary War?


What did the men do during the Revolutionary War?

They fought in the local militia.