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First you were trained as a page. the page would serve his lord as a sort of assistant and he would also train in fighting, Wrestling, hunting and horseback. at age 14 the page would become a squire. a squire would learn chivalry, heraldry and using the weapons he would use as a knight. the next step would be when the squire finished all his training and would go through the knight ceremony. he would be dubbed by a local knight or a nobleman or even a king.

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  1. page
  2. noble
  3. squire
  4. knight
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Q: What were the steps to become a knight?
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Who had the authority to declare a squire a knight?

Another knight The Knight that the Squire is trained by, as well as, an Hereditary Knight/Baronet a Baron or Baroness a Count or Countess a Marquis or Marquise a Duke or Duchess a Royal Duke or Duchess a King/Emperor or Queen/Empress Becoming a knight was not a widely attainable goal in the medieval era. Sons of knights were eligible for the ranks of knighthood. While other young men could become knights, in theory, it was nearly impossible for them to achieve that goal, especially for those from the lowest class. Those who were destined to become knights were singled out: in boyhood, these future warriors were sent off to a castle as pages, later becoming squires. Commonly around the age of 20, knights would be admitted to their rank in a ceremony called either "dubbing" (from the French adoubement), or the "Accolade". Although these strong young men had proved their eligibility, their social status would be permanently controlled. They were expected to obey the code of chivalry at all times, though the details of what constituted chivalrous behaviour varied both regionally and over time.

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What are the steps in becoming one knights?

the steps of become a knight were you had to be strong and you had to go through a lot of training when you were 10

What were the steps of becoming a knight?

first boyhood then page then squire then knight

Did Chaucer become a knight?

No, Geoffrey Chaucer did not become a knight.

Could any kind of boy become a knight?

A boy had to be son of a knight to become a knight.

What made someone eligible to become a knight?

They have to become a page or a squire before they become a knight

How do you become a knight in 3 steps?

They didn't. A young noble boy started at 7-8 years old and got his spurs at 21 when he finished.

Three steps on becoming a knight?

the page - When 7the squire - when 14the knight - when 21

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Silly question

What did the boys do to become a knights?

The only why to become a knight is if your father was a knight or you did something very very good and the lord will make you into a knight

What age would a squire become a knight?

It took 11 to 15 years to become a knight

How to become a knight?

You have to be knighted.

How is a knight chosen?

A knight is chosen when a squire wants to become one.