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It was on December 24, 1929 while Hoover was President. It did severe damage to The West Wing and to Hoover's oval office but dud not affect the main part of the White House. It was caused by a defective chimney flue in a fire place.

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It more or less survived a fire at the hands of the British in 1814 (during the war of 1812) and another fire in the West Wing in 1929, while Herbert Hoover was President."

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1814 and 1929

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Q: What were the two times the white house survived the fire?
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Was there a White House in the 1700's?

Yes, there was a White House in the 1700s. The construction of the White House began in 1792 and was completed in 1800, making it possible for President John Adams to be the first to occupy it during his presidency.

What happened when the british invaded Washington dc during the war of 1812?

they burned the white house. Actually, it was not yet known as the White House. It was the Capital Building.It became kown as the White House because it was painted white to hide the black charring the occured as a resulted of the fire

How is Dolley Madison characterized?

She has a reputation for being an outstandingly charming hostess. She was also something of a matchmaker and remembered for saving artwork and important papers when the White House was set on fire by the British.

Who was the first president to use a toilet?

Fillmore The Ball is held every fall to commemorate the first president to have indoor plumbing in the; during his administration all were discarded from the White House.

Why is Mount Vernon's kitchen disconnected with the rest of the house?

In early days before electricity, the kitchen was always a separate building. This was because they had to use fire to cook with, and if the kitchen caught fire, they didn't want the whole house to burn down. Also, in the southern US, it gets pretty hot, so the kitchen is separate to avoid heating up the whole house like an oven.

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What were the two times that the White House survived a fire?

The British set the White House on fire in 1814. There was another fire in the West Wing in 1929 when Hoover was president.

The White House survived a major fire in 1929 By who was it set?

The White House fire in 1929 was caused by a defective flue in a fire place chimney.

What house survived the Chicago fire?

The O'Leary house was spared.

Fire in White House?

British forces torched and gutted the White House in 1814.

When did the White House catch fire?

The British set fire to the White House in 1814 during the War of 1812 while James Madison was the president. The fire gutted the building and it took about four years to rebuild it. In 1929, when Herbert Hoover was President, there was a major fire in the West Wing that destroyed the oval office, but did not affect the main White House.

Who set fire to the White House?

British troops set much of Washington DC on fire as well as the White House in 1814 -slim

When was the white house painted white?

1817 when it was fixed after the fire in 1812 when the British burned the house.

What year was the fire in the White House?


When did the White House have its second fire?


Who has set the white house on fire?

The British

Was the White House of fire?

yes.the toilet started it

Where did the President live while the White House was reconstructed after the fire of 1814?

Answer: The Octagon House