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In early days before electricity, the kitchen was always a separate building. This was because they had to use fire to cook with, and if the kitchen caught fire, they didn't want the whole house to burn down. Also, in the southern US, it gets pretty hot, so the kitchen is separate to avoid heating up the whole house like an oven.

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Q: Why is Mount Vernon's kitchen disconnected with the rest of the house?
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House where four states discussed trade disputes?

Delegates from the states Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware met at Mount Vernon (George Washington's house) to discuss other common commercial problems as well as trade disputes.

Where did George Washington Live after he wasn't in the White House any longer?

George Washington never lived in the White House, as it had not yet been built when he was President. After his term in office, he returned to his home at Mount Vernon, VA.

Why didn't George Washington live in the White House?

Washington could not have lived at the White House because it had not been built yet at the time of his Presidency. However, it's not quite accurate to say that he lived at Mount Vernon "instead" of the White House. The nation's first capital was New York, and it was then moved to Philadelphia. Washington lived in an executive mansion in both cities while serving as President. So Mount Vernon never really functioned as Washington's White House. Of course, just like Reagan had his ranch in California and Bush had his ranch in Texas, even while they were primarily living at the White House, Washington always retained his "original" home of Mount Vernon, and he returned there when he could.

What is the name of the river that flows by George Washington's house?

Washington's plantation, Mount Vernon, is next to the Potomac River. People used to take boat trips on the Potomac to see his tomb .

What was the home of George Washington?

George Washington's home is called Mount Vernon. It about 10 miles up the Potomac from Washington , DC. It has been maintained and is open to the public for a fee. Washington's tomb is there.

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