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Where guns and steam engines

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Q: What were two technological advances Europeans had over Africans?
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What distinct advantage did industralized Europeans nations have over the non-industrialized nations of Asia and Africa?

A Well-defined infrastructure.

Why did Europeans begin exploring?

during the 16th century, Europe was looking for a trade roe to India..... also over crowded and too many blacks

What kind of people were allowed to vote in colonial times Who did not have the right to vote?

Free White men over the age of 21 years old who owned property had the right to vote. However, women over the age of 21, indentured servants, landless poor, and Africans (at the time called Negoes, most of whom were held as slaves), could not vote.

How did the Europeans treat the aboriginals?

the European settlers treated the native Americans like slaves. they invaded their space, set up gold mines and didnt show any respect for them or their beliefs at all. lots of native Americans were killed by the settlers, and there were many wars over control of the land. i hope this helps :)

How did transatlantic slavery most affect the population of Africa?

Its effect on the population of Africa was not so big. Although a great number of slaves were over time exported to the Americas, their number was only a fraction of the total number of slaves kept within Africa by other Africans. It is not something that today's African historians like to dwell upon, but slavery was ubiquitous in Africa. Tribal conflicts all over Africa invariably ended with the winner enslaving as many members of the losing tribe as it could get, and slaves formed the backbone of the local economies. Selling and exporting slaves was part of that economy: over the centuries, more slaves were sold to Arabs than to Europeans. After Britain outlawed the slave trade in 1807 it actively fought it wherever it found it. Strange at it may seem in hindsight, Britain's colonial activities started in the 1880's primarily because it wanted to forcibly end local slavery in those territories.

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Name two technological advantages europeans had over africans?

Smallpox and Guns

What are some technological advantages europeans have over africans in the 1800's?

cotton machines

What distinct advantage did industralized European have over the non-industralized nations of Asia and Africa?

A Well-defined infrastructure.

What technological advances has the television made over the years?


What were the technological advances during the reign of Louis XIV?

he was stupid and no one liked him. he made no technological or cultural advances. Basically, he took over france. The end.

What technological advances has the toaster made over the years?

the heating has increased by tons

What are two technological advances Europe had over Africa?

im sorry but there are just to many to count

What is a negative consequence of technological advances?

A negative consequence of technological advances is the potential for job displacement due to automation and artificial intelligence taking over tasks that were previously performed by humans. This can lead to unemployment and create challenges for workers to transition into new roles or industries.

How did Africans come to Africa?

they evolved from other living organisms over the thousands of years, the same as Asians and Europeans.

What did the failure of social advances to keep up with technological advances lead to?

The failure of social advances to keep up with technological advances can lead to social inequality, isolation, and ethical dilemmas. It can widen the digital divide, create new forms of discrimination, and raise concerns over privacy and surveillance. Additionally, it may disrupt traditional industries and job markets, leading to unemployment and economic instability.

What expanded when natives were forced to work for the europeans and Africans started to be shipped over to the new world during the middle ages?

Slavery expanded when Natives were forced to work for Europeans and Africans were shipped to the New World. This did not happen during the Middle Ages, however; it happened during the Renaissance.

Did West Africans mostly appreciate or dislike the European colonizers?

it was actualy both because they saw it has a new channel of comunication but ended up dislikeing it of the causes that the europeans took over and made them slaves.