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the European settlers treated the native Americans like slaves. they invaded their space, set up gold mines and didnt show any respect for them or their beliefs at all. lots of native Americans were killed by the settlers, and there were many wars over control of the land. i hope this helps :)

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Well they treated them really bad. All the aboriginals ever wanted was a happy life

and children but of coarse the Europeans weren't happy with that. They wanted to make them work like slaves. People died because they had no energy left and they would fall to the ground.

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On the whole, the Europeans did not regard the Australian Aborigines with much respect. Many of them saw them as thieving savages who were just out to grab their livestock. They did not consider that the Aborigines came from a culture of sharing. They also did not see the Aborigines owned the land first. As far as the Europeans were concerned, Australia was theires for the taking, to plunder and to work for their own benefit.

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they speared and harmed the europeans

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Q: How did the Europeans treat the aboriginals?
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