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The Europeans came to Africa in a big boat if you need any more information email me

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The Europeans came to Africa in a big boat if you need any more information email me

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Q: How did the Europeans come to Africa?
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Why did the europeans come to west Africa?

they came to find slaves and sometimes trade.

How did Europeans get their information about Africa?

They explored Africa.

How did Africans come to Africa?

they evolved from other living organisms over the thousands of years, the same as Asians and Europeans.

What did Europeans first sought in West africa?

Europeans first saw West Africa as a new territory to obtain spices and agricultural products. West Africa was also a place for Europeans to trade their own goods.

Where did Europeans get their slaves?


What was slavery like in Africa before Europeans got involved?

There was no slavery in Africa before the Europeans got involved!

Where did the negroes in southern states of USA come from?

They are the descendants of slavery from Africa, that the Europeans have bought from Africans masters from their own slaves.

What factors prevented europeans prior to 1860 from exploring the Africa interior?

Resistance by Africa,difficult geography and diseases kept Europeans from moving into the interior of Africa.

When did the Europeans leave Africa?


Who was Africa colonized by?

Africa was colonized by the Europeans. :) peace out home dogz!

Why did europeans want form colonies in West Africa?

Europeans wanted to form colonies in west Africa because it was a good trading spot

Why did the Europeans control such a small portion of Africa in S's?

Powerful African Armies Were Able To Keep The Europeans Out Of Most Of Africa For 400 Years