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A government which is made by people is called democratic government.
A government that is selected, implemented, and constrained by the people.

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Democratic governance is government for the people by the people. it is public entities or different levels of bureaucratic governments that provide service and delivery to citizens. These different types of entities have to follow policies and procedures to provide public service and earn public trust.

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The narrowest definition of a democratic country is one in which the government is formed through the process of majority rule as determined by regular elections.

In practice a democracy has come to mean the pluralistic society that under pins the democratic political tradition. Some signs of a pluralistic society include

  • A transparent electoral process
  • The peaceful transition of political power after elections
  • Respect for the rule of law
  • Independent institutions which may include the judiciary, the press and or political parties

Not all democracies societies display all of the elements listed above but they are present in both Ghana and Australia.

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Q: What what is a democratic government?
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