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if a senator calls for cloture

(yes it's spelled right)

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with a stop sign

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Q: What will stop a filibuster?
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Congress' use of long speeches and unlimited debate to delay or put a stop to a bill is called a?

It's called a filibuster. filibuster.

How can Republicans stop the President's appointment on the Senate floor?

Republicans do not have a majority in the Senate; however, they can stop an appointment by President Obama by filibuster.

What is the term that means to stop a filibuster?


What is the technique called that stop a filibuster?

A cloture

How can a senate stop a filibuster?

With 61 votes

Privilege given way to stop legislation?


How many seats are needed for a filibuster-proof house?

The filibuster only exists in the senate. There is no such thing in the House of Representatives. However, in the senate 60 signatures are required to reach cloture on an issue and stop a filibuster

What is the name of the Endless speeches in the senate to delay a vote?

...A Filibuster?

What vote is required to stop a filibuster?

I think that 60% of the voters have to vote against it. hope that helped! :)

Congress' use of long speeches and/or unlimited debate to delay or put a stop to a bill is called a?


Was Steven F Austin a filibuster?

he was a filibuster :)

What happens when the majority party cannot stop a filibuster?

The filibuster continues until the greater majority (60) votes for cloture, or those filibustering stop. Even with cloture, post-filibuster filibusters can be continued by presenting and filibustering amendments to the proposed law. Theoretically, this can continue indefinitely until the senate adjourns. Several filibusters have continued with a single senator speaking to an empty chamber, about unrelated subjects.