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Q: What word best describes someone who is to the right on the political ideology spectrum?
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What were two problems caused by political parties in the early days of the US?

this is when you jump on someone

What is a centrist?

A Centrist is someone who sits in the centre of the political spectrum. Imagine a line - on the far right you have Nazism and Fascism, less to the right are Conservatives in the UK or Republicans in the US, slightly to the left are Labour or Democrat parties, further left are Socialists, and on the far-left you have Communists. In between the fairly non-extreme left and right parties, you have centrists. They are usually capitalists who believe in some economic regulations, and fairly socially liberal.

What do you think of Supreme Court Justices having political party affiliations?

Supreme Court Justices do not necessarily have parties because they do not run for a political seat. The criteria for a supreme court justice has to be someone who is familiar with the law such as a former lawyer. If Supreme Court justices ran on a political platform that could complicate the position they hold because many political parties have money or a platform they run on.

What does being too liberal mean.. my friend said she hated history classes in high school because the history teachers were way too liberal. What did she mean?

The political spectrum is seen as having two ends, left and right. Moderate is usually considered somewhere in the middle. When someone in a democratic society considers another "too liberal", it means they consider that person's views as extremely left of center. In contrast, when referring to someone as "too conservative", it implies someone leans too far to the right of center. In a closed society such as Communist or Socialist, the opposite is true. "Far left" is considered extremely conservative and "far right" as being too liberal.

Which best describe a conflict over ideology?

Two groups fight over different beliefs about how to organize society..

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What is the definition of political ideology?

Political ideology is a body of thought that defines how and why governments behave or define the way political scientists and others believe they should operate. For example, Karl Marx created a political ideology that when combined by his ideas on economics was the basis of obtaining the goal of communism. Before the end result could be reached, Marx outlined the why and how this system was a scientific reality. Only time and certain events stood in the way of his ideology and those roadblocks would, based on his ieas on history were necessary and be changed.

What best describes someone who is partial to a specific political party?


What is flying voter?

A flying voter refers to an individual who frequently changes their political affiliation or supports different political parties in different elections. This term is often used to describe someone who does not have a strong loyalty or consistent alignment with any particular political party or ideology.

What you call someone who believes very passionately in an ideology?

A Marxist

What is is a conservative?

A conservative is someone typically associated with the right-wing of the political spectrum. In the United States, for example, the Republican Party bases its platform on conservative ideology. Conservatives tend to believe that economic freedoms should come first over social freedoms in an ideal society; they believe in less government interference with the economy and fiscal responsibility among individuals in society. In terms of social ideology, a conservative tends to favor traditionalism, and therefore tends to reject modern social movements.

What are some good questions to ask to get people's Political Views?

"What do you think are the most pressing political issues today?" "How do you feel about the current political leadership in our country?" "Do you align more with a particular political party or are you more independent in your views?" These questions can help start a conversation about someone's political views without being confrontational.

What term describes people who disagree with the established political or religious system?

Iconoclast is a very good word to describe someone who wants to overthrow some established doctrine or ideal.

Is centrist A noun verb adjective?

The word 'centrist' is a noun and an adjective.The noun 'centrist' is a word for someone who holds moderate political views; a word for a person.The adjective 'centrist' is a word that describes a noun as having moderate political views or policies.

Are 'communist' and 'communism' capitalized?

Yes, 'Communist' and 'Communism' are capitalized when referring to the political ideology or system of government based on the teachings of Karl Marx.

What does describes you to a tee mean?

This phrase means that something or someone describes you totally

What are characteristices?

something that describes someone

Which word BEST describes someone who is inert?

The word "inactive" best describes someone who is inert. It implies a lack of movement or activity.