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Article III refers to such courts as "inferior," although certain lower courts are also described as "tribunals" in other parts of the Constitution.

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Q: What word does the Constitution use to describe courts that have less power than the Supreme Court?
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What is the only court under the constitution?

Supreme Court and lower federal courts

What courts are created by the US Constitution and by the US Congress?

The only court specifically provided for in the US Constitution is the Supreme Court. Article 3 establishes the Supreme Court ". . .and such inferioe courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish." Further, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 9 authorizes Congress to constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court. The federal court system has several individual courts, but only the Supreme Court is mentioned in the Constitution

Where did the constitution vest the judicial power of the United States?

Article III of The Constitution vests the whole judicial power of the United States in one Supreme Court, and such inferior courts as Congress shall, from time to time, ordain and establish. Congress is permitted to organize it.

How were the courts defined by the Constitution?

Courts have jurisdiction over interpretations of the constitution and can suggest amendments. The supreme court was the only one mentioned in the US constitution.

Which article of the constitution deals with the supreme court's powers?

Article III deals with the supreme courts powers.

Does the US Supreme Court create the inferior courts?

No. Article I, Section 8 and Article III of the Constitution authorizes Congress to create courts "inferior" to the US Supreme Court.

What is the name for all the other courts under the US Supreme Court?

The US Constitution refers to them as "inferior courts."

What is the only court not mentioned in US Constitution?

The US Supreme Court is the only court specifically mentioned in the Constitution; none of the other federal courts, past, present or future, was mentioned.

Does US Supreme Court review cases to ensure that the opinions and actions of the lower courts comply with the US Constitution?

No. The US Supreme Court hears final appeals from lower courts.

What courts can Congress create to aid the US Supreme Court?

Article III of the Constitution refers to such courts as "inferior," meaning lower in power and authority than the US Supreme Court.

What type of cases does supreme courts hear?

The Supreme Court hears any cases that involve the interpretation of the Constitution.

What type of inferior courts are listed in the US Constitution?

No types of inferior courts are listed in the US Constitution. The Constitution sets up the Supreme Court in Article III but leaves it to Congress to set up other inferior courts as it sees fit. In addition to the Article III power to create inferior courts, Article I also empowers Congress to create tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court but likewise does not describe what type they might be.