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Liberty, autonomy, freedom

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Q: What words are related to independence?
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What are 24 words in the word independence?

24 words in the word independence are:deepdendependdicediedindinedipenendininnneedniceninenippenpendpeppiepiecepinpinepippipe

What is the Scroll of independence of Israel?

Israel's a Declaration of Independence was written on an extended piece of parchment as an homage to the Torah. However, it is not a scroll, per se, because it was never rolled up. The words can be read an a picture of the Israeli Declaration Independence at the Related Link below.

What document are the words life liberty and the pursuit of happiness from?

The words are from the Declaration of Independence.

Is district 9 the sequel to independence day?

No. District 9 and Independence Day are not related.

What are words that contrasts with the word independence?

Dependence is the opposite of independence. Subordination is another antonym for independence.

What important document starts with the words When in the course of human events?

It is The Declaration of Independence.

Who wrote the Australia Declaration of Independence?

Australia does not have a Declaration of Independence, as its path to independence was quite different to that of the United States. See the related question.

Where is info about the Declaration of Independence?

Check the related links.

What words mean the same as freedom?

Liberty Independence Release

Who are the leading characters Independence Day?

See the related link below for the cast list to the film Independence Day .

Is the declaration of independence 3000 words?


How many words can you make from independence?