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Do you have an image of this terra-cotta? I have 2 Clodion items myself and I will try to help.

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Q: What would a Claude Michel Clodion terra-cotta satyr be worth?
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Do satyrs' have special powers?

The satyrs of Behind the Aegis are more or less like in the legends: they live in small groups away from civilization (usually deep within a forest) and are happy to play music, dance and keep to themselves. Occasionally, however, they band into bigger parties of several dozen members and go on attacking and looting isolated farms -- and even small villages when they think they can get away with it. As servants of Dionysus, satyrs have part of his powers over human emotions and sanity. A satyr can play a wild tune on his pipes and incite humans and fellow satyrs to cast aside all restraints and follow their primal instincts (see Pipes of Dionysus, below). Sometimes they play their pipes (see below) on unwary humans, such as travelers, making them 'join the party' whether they want it or not. Merchant caravans bringing wine are prime targetsAttributes: HT+2 [20]; Per+2 [10]. [30]Advantages: Claws (Hooves) [3]; Mind Reading (Based on Will, +20%; Hearing based, -20%; Only with other satyrs, -20%; Only for linking powers, -60%; Takes Extra Time 2, -20%) [6]; Pipes of Dionysus [33]; Talent (Musical Ability) +2 [10]; Unaging [15]. [69]Disadvantages: Chummy [-5]; Compulsive Carousing (CR:6) [-10]; Impulsiveness (CR: 9) [-15]; Lecherousness (CR:6) [-30]; Social Stigma (Freak); Xenophilia (CR:12) [-10]. [-75]Skills: Dancing (DX/A) DX [2]; Musical Instrument (Pipes) (IQ/H) IQ-2 [1]; Survival (Woodlands) (Per/A) Per [2]. [5]Taboo Traits: Better than Average appearance; "Ascetic" traits.Perks: Alcohol Tolerance; No Hangover; Fur. [3]Notes:A satyr's power to arouse primal instincts in humanoids is called Pipes of Dionysus (-35%): Mind Control (Accessibility: Must play pipes, -20%; Accessibility: Only works on humanoids, -20%; Accessibility: only for primal emotions, -15%; Area Effect (4 yards), +100%; Costs Fatigue (2 FP/min), -10%; Emanation, -20%; Emotion Control, -50%; Gadget-based (Pipe: Breakable, -15%; Size -5, -10%; Can be Stolen, Quick Contest (does not work immediately for the thief), -15%); Hearing-Based, -20%; Independent, +70%; Requires Concentrate, -15%; Takes Extra Time 2, -20%; ). 33 points.Notes: The user must play a wild tune with the pipes and choose the Concentrate maneuver for at least 4 seconds. Then he rolls the Quick Contest described in p. B68 for every listener in the area of effect. If he wins, the listeners experience primal emotions and instincts awakening in them, like anger, fear, lust, or simply the desire to have a great party. This ability does not instill 'noble' feelings such as love or loyalty, nor can it calm or appease its targets (it can scare them, though). Note also that the user can ignore penalties for multiple simultaneous targets up to -10.Most satyrs are downright ugly; most of them have much lower Appearance than Average.Odious Personal Habits of every kind are specially adequate for satyrs, as are "animalistic'' traits like Bestial and Stress Atavism. Berserk and/or High Pain Threshold, while not racial, could reflect well the 'giving in to madness' nature of these creatures.If a band of Satyrs plays together, they can link their Pipes of Dionysus power to produce more powerful effects, as explained in p.P170. the extra 50% per linked participant usually goes to boosting Range and Duration; they also divide FP loss among them.

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What would a Claude Michel Clodion terra cotta satyr be worth?

Do you have an image of this terra-cotta? I have 2 Clodion items myself and I will try to help.

What symbol is a satyr?

The symbol of a satyr is Capricorn

What does a satyr symbolize?

The satyr symbolizes the forest

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Satyr is 6' 1".

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No, the satyr all ways had power.

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Satyr's birth name is Sigurd Wongraven.

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Satyr was born on November 28, 1975, in Norway.

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the satyr's name is Philoctetes and he was voiced by Danny DeVito.

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A satyr is half man half goat.

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