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Had Hiawatha lived to see the United States Constitution he no doubt would have recognized it and been proud to see that many of its components were borrowed from the Iroquois Constitution. According to various legends, Hiawatha was credited with helping to unify five warring Indian tribes in pre-colonial America. Those tribes were the Mohawks, the Oneidas, the Cayugas, the Senecas, and the Onondagas. Their constitution and democratic system of government was admired by the newcomers from England, particularly Benjamin Franklin, and this, along with its similarity, gave rise to the belief that the American constitution is based upon the constitution given to the Iroquois Confederacy by Deganawida and Hiawatha. In 2004 the US Government officially recognized the influence of the Iroquois Constitution on the US Constitution. Two links are provided below. There are many more available for those who may be interested in this topic.

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Q: What would be Hiawatha's view of the US Constitution?
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