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i think the biggest contribution that i can do or give to our baranggay is being a good role model to everyone i could manifest this by becoming a low abiding citizen and i will tray my very best to be a person who upholds and respect the integrity of god creation thank u.........

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Q: What would be your contribution in your barangay?
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Barangays of Bayawan City in the Philippines?

barangay poblacion barangay tinago barangay ubos barangay banaybanay barangay maninihon barangay villareal barangay nangka barangay kalumbuyan barangay kalamtukan barangay banaybanay barangay malabugas

Will a citizen be qualified to run as barangay captain if he is no longer a resident of the barangay he seek for a position yet still a registered voter of that barangay?

A citizen is not qualified to run as barangay captain when he is no longer a resident of the barangay, even though he is a registered voter of said barangay. -> THANKS. If you can give me a proof about your response/answer I would appreciate if you can state it along with your answer.

History of barangay acacia at malabon city?

Barangay Acacia in Malabon City was established during the Spanish colonial period. It is one of the oldest barangays in the city and has undergone significant development over the years. Today, Barangay Acacia is known for its vibrant community and its contribution to the cultural and historical landscape of Malabon City.

Who is the head of the barangay?

Barangay Captain or Punong Barangay and tawag sa namumuno sa isang barangay.

What are the 8 Barangays of Dumaguete City?

Barangay 1 (Tinago)Barangay 2 (Upper Lukewright)Barangay 3 (Business section)Barangay 4 (Rizal Boulevard)Barangay 5 (Sillliman Area)Barangay 6 (Cambagroy)Barangay 7 (Mangga)Barangay 8 (Cervantes Extension)

Where to get a community tax certificate?

You may get it from your barangay or in the municipality or city where you reside. I suggest, get it from your barangay through the barangay treasurer, since your barangay will be entitled to 50% share. Otherwise, if you get it from the municipality or city, there will be no share of the barangay. Support your barangay!!!

What are the duties of a barangay?

chairman of the barangay

What is the cleanest barangay in the Philippines?

The Cleanest Barangay in RP in Barangay Malinis in San Martin,

Who can terminate barangay treasurer?

Barangay Official

What is barangay governance?

a barangay is the smallest unit of government. it is headed by the chief executive-the barangay captain ^^

What is correct spelling for a barrio barangay or baranggay?

"Barangay" is the proper spelling.

Is there possibility to postpone 2013 barangay election?

Barangay elections in 2013 or any other year for that matter are typically not postponed. Barangay elections are held at the same time of year as other elections within provinces or the country. The only circumstance that would prevent an election for barangay officials is possible flaws in the voting system.