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You may get it from your barangay or in the municipality or city where you reside. I suggest, get it from your barangay through the barangay treasurer, since your barangay will be entitled to 50% share. Otherwise, if you get it from the municipality or city, there will be no share of the barangay. Support your barangay!!!

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Q: Where to get a community tax certificate?
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When is the expiration of the community tax certificate in the Philippines?

Expiration of the the Community Tax Certificate is on the last day of the year.

How do you get Community Tax Certificate in Cebu City?

Community Tax Certificates are issued by the Barangay Treasurer in every barangay or from the City Treasurer's Office.

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How do you compute Community Tax in the Philippines?

To compute the community tax, you will need the basic community tax that should be applied based on income. As of 2013, the minimum basic community tax is five pesos for individuals, and five hundred pesos for corporations.

What is a resale certificate?

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