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If races were separated in different schools, it would be like we were going back in time. This would make it very hard when they were not in school.

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Q: What would happen if races were separated in diffrent schools?
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Type of law that separated people of different races?

black people had to go to different schools for education or some of them didn't have any education at all.

Scoring system of motorcross?

This really depends on what event it is. I race at AMCA club and the scoring between normal races and championship specific races are diffrent.

Which laws separated the races of the south?

Jim Crow Laws

Was 'Brown v. Board' a Failure?

Brown succeded in stopping segregation in schools but did not succeed in getting children of diffrent races to come together in schools because black children usually go to school where the majority of children are black. And also black children dont usually get as good grade as white kids.

WHY mixture of races HAPPEN?

People of different races make babies together and that baby will have mixed races.

What was the 3 worded thing that separated races in public?

jim crow laws??

What term means mixing of the races in public schools?


What was the name of the party that separated the two races in South Africa?

The National Party separated the Blacks and Whites in South Africa when they came to power in 1948.

How did Virginia law create and maintain the institution of slavery?

It separated the races, treating nonwhites as inferior.

What does desegregational?

Desegregated means that was once separated, usually referring to races, have now been combined.

What law kept the races apart?

The law that separated the black and white is the JIM CROW LAWS.

What is is racial segregation?

Racial segregation is when two races (examples of races are black, white, Mexican, Asian, etc.) are separated in everything they do. We once had a segregation between whites and blacks in America. They were separated in schools, restrooms, water fountains, parts of a bus (look up Rosa Parks for more info on that), and just about everything in life we do.