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Not very fun. Read the book Animal Farm and my point will be proven.

True communism wouldn't be too bad, but all the major communist/socialist leader d-bags have gone farther than true communism. They killed anyone who disagreed with their new system and made sheep who obeyed it. They ruled with fear, and that never works for very long. Look at Hitler and his empire. It didn't survive a single war.

Look at the Soviet Union. It disbanded before it was 70 years old.

Except.. Look at North Korea. Its leaders know how to make sheep! Brilliant men-- but with the wrong intentions.

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I would fight the godless communist bastards who wanted to control everything I think, say and do ( can you say obama, reed, pelosi and the other liberal demonicrats ) until I defeated them or died trying.

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Q: What would it be like to live in a Communist country?
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What are the obligations of a spanish citizen?

there rights and obligations are very limited, they live in a pure communist country, therefore they have very few rights. Punishments are strict in Cuba. They are not allowed to go out of the country if you are a citizen. If you live in the United States, you are not allowed to go to Cuba.

What country is a communist country?

is when a country is taken over by dictators and people live in fear and depression. a single slip could lead to torture. people are not allowed to leave the country only if approved by the govorment.a country where shops or businesses of any kind are owned by the state, city, or federal government; and payroll is relatively equalA county even with no religion

Was Afghanistan communist?

Afghanistan was for a while ruled by a Communist Government when the Communist People's Democratic Party seized power in 1978 during the Saur Revolution. Almost immediately, the Communist take-over resulted in civil war. Without Russia's military intervention and backing until 1989, the Communists would haved been chased out of power by their fellow-Afghans in a matter of little over a year.The USA enthusiastically supported the rebels with billions in military aid, weapons which later were used to fight the USA itself after it invaded Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11.Basically, Afghanistan is and was nothing else but a fiercely independent country with loyalties to only fellow tribal and clan members and elders, an orthodox and sometimes fundamentalist Muslim faith and values that 'enlightened' Westerners often think Medieval, but that most Afghans - certainly in the rural areas - are happy to live with

What is the definition of a developed country?

a developing country is a country in which the factors are being improved and advanced to become a developed country. an example of a developing country would be Mexico because it is still being improved to make the country better to live in.

Did George Washington write this o how you wish i had never seen the continental army i would have done better to retire to the back into the country and live in wigwam?


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Yes you can. People in some communist countries travel around their own country and to other countries. Some countries, like North Korea, are much sticter though.

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It depends if you are talking about North Korea of South Korea. South Korea is fine but North Korea is communist. Canada is a good country to live in if you like cold weather

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Most likely not, but if you live in a communist country, anything could be illegal.

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What is the difference between communist soldiers and ordinary Chinese soldiers?

There's probably still two Chinas: Communist China on the mainland; and Taiwan (Nationalist China). Communist soldiers/marines/airmen/and sailors live in and serve the nation of Red China. Non-communist Chinese servicemen live in Taiwan and serve the country of Taiwan (if Nationalist China still goes by that title).

Why does people live in Venezuela?

People live in Cuba bacause they cant get out. Cuba is a communist country and doesnt allow it occupants to leave, although some do escape by boat.

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Indians who roam the streets or naked people. Elephants or snakes that live in sewers or in cities Brazil is a communist country

Would you like to live under a dictatorship?

No, because one person would be in charge of the whole country . No one could vote on a discicion because that person would have all control of the country.

What is life like for a person under communist rule?

Like life everywhere - it varies from country to country. In communist countries, just as in capitalist ones, a lot of people are too busy struggling with life's everyday struggles to think abut the system under which they live. One thing is sure, there are many peasants and workers in ex-communist countries who wish they were still living under the old regime, as they were living better lives then, they feel. Capitalism only enriches a few, not everyone. And for everyone who is enriched, there must be someone losing out.

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