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Charlene Mitchell was the first African-American to run for President, at the head of the 1968 Communist Party ticket. She received 1,075 votes from four states. She was also the first woman to have her name on the general election ballot. Source:

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Q: What year did charlene mitchell run for president?
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What state did Charlene Mitchell represent?

Charlene Mitchell was the first African-American to run for President, as the head of the 1968 Communist Party USA (CPUSA) ticket. She didn't respresent a specific state.

Who is Charlene Mitchell?

First African American woman to run for president in 1968. She is a pioneer of the civil rights movement. She is a delightful and humble human being.

Who was the first afro-american to run for president?

I guess, no more than that, it's the Rev Jesse Jackson. & I have just learned my guess is rubbish ! Charlene Mitchell ran in 1968. Attorney Frank R Beckwith was the first Afro-American nominated by a major National Party (Republican) to run for President. He lost the Republican Party's nomination at their National Convention to Nixon in 1960 and Goldwater in 1964.

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